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Launched Patreon for Support for ROC Games

2016-10-21 17:03:28 by Akillez

I just wanna share with you the link to my patreon that will help support future ROC games. I want to aim for higher quality ROC COMMANDER games for people to enjoy.  By supporting me you will see more higher quality ROC games released.


Support here https://www.patreon.com/user?u=482154

Pledge $1 or more per ROC GAME

You will receive exclusive updates on games via patreon. Including art, music and overall behind the scenes in creation of the games.

Pledge $5 or more per ROC GAME

You will have a character of your choice in the next game. It will have to be an original character not from an other game or movie.

Pledge $10 or more per ROC GAME

You will receive one free request of commission art by me! A personal thank you of becoming an outstanding supporter.


2016-10-13 03:34:14 by Akillez

   So i've been really looking into the scenario for ROC COMMANDER 2. The story will continue and it will follow the Gold Dragons in another series of battles. The next battle is going to be a beach assault along with a seige. I'm debating if the beach assault should be one game and the seige be another. 

   All I know for certain is that the series of battles will be fought in a more tropical enviornment against a different foe. The transitions will be instant and the game will be longer with a more fullfiling ending. 

Parts of me were even debating putting all ROC games together into one super game so there is literally a campaign to play. But then again I don't know if i'm getting too ahead of myself.

If you haven't played ROC COMMANDER or don't know what it is play it now in the link provided. Check it out <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682427">ROC COMMANDER</a>

  I am greatly inspired by the reviews and I want to begin working on ROC COMMANDER 2. I am open for any suggestions but I am primarily looking for more collaborators to help me out so I can make ROC COMMANDER 2 longer, harder and even better. 

  I am looking for an artist and a musician to lighten the work load on me so I can make a better game. At the same time collaborators will be paid a percentage of the monetization and also a display and share of their work that might gain you more fans and such.


 Hit me up if you are interested.

Do you want to own a Hentai RPG that is about an hour's worth of gameplay? Give it a try it is only a dollar. I couldn't make it free because I have to somehow payback an artist that drawn all sorts of Hentai that is in the game. Brothel Escape took over 100 man hours to make and I am proud to have made it. Since it's rated A, i also made it where people have to pay for it. It's alot harder for underage kids to pay for rated A games.

 But if you are wanting a rather humorous rated A rpg this game is the game for you.


The link below will send you to the page. Have fun!



2016-10-10 06:39:02 by Akillez


It is still under judgement ofcoarse but this is my first game! Play it, rate it and share how you either won, died or failed. There are quite a few ways this can go down. I'm up for any future ideas and such on how to make ROC COMMANDER better. 


ROC COMMANDER- Releasing this month!

2016-10-07 03:18:42 by Akillez

So i've been working on a game recently. It is a game that you are a commander of 100 men and you have to make a series of decisions that'll eventually effect the outcome of the battle. Follow me and you will be notified when it comes out. 4305126_147582469572_battle.jpg

Thanks for the votes!

2016-10-04 01:38:43 by Akillez

Who ever is out there voting on my art thank you. I am still familiarizing myself with ArtRageLite software and overall working on my painting skills. I will post the images i will be using in a game I am creating.

 It will be a narrative battle roleplaying game. Mainly making descisions and seeing the story unfold with Images. Thank you again for the votes, it inspires me to work even more harder knowing it is liked as some level.

What is the best comic software?

2016-10-02 03:06:01 by Akillez

I have grown rather bored of writing a book to release reguarding my adventure fantasy series. It was originally meant to be a graphic novel. So far i've been practicing with my WACOM tablet and i'll be posting some progress to log the progress of my art online here. The only thing is I am still getting used to drawing on the tablet so it is kind of frustrating since i'm so used to drawing on paper. Also I've been on heitous drawing so I feel like I'm starting all over again.

Support my Hentai game! RPG

2016-05-18 13:56:43 by Akillez

 I have made a game using ttrop's art. You are Rufus and you must escape the brothel with naughty damsels to help you escape. Please play the game and tell me what you think!

Brothel Escape <------- Click here to see the game's page. 

Want to Support a writer and buying a game?

2015-12-12 05:08:17 by Akillez

If you want to help support a writer I have created an RPG that is a little too fat and hot for Newgrounds if you know what I mean. If you wanna take a free peek, PM me and I will send you the link to the store page. I made this game for NG but they do not support this format so it must be downloaded via the link. It's a NSFW game.

Brothel Escape - < Click here to download the game

You are Rufus, a warrior in the army. You have found yourself hung over and stuck in a whore house. You must escape and meet new friends along the way. NSFW!!!