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Kill Herobrine Quest is OUT NOW

2017-10-17 03:06:22 by Akillez

It has been a fun last few months or so working on this project. I learned alot about the mine-imator and the Tyrano visual novel. 


Alas, it is here. The Quest to Kill Herobrine. The Realm of Glory is a Server of people that are haunted by Herobrine. You are the commander of the Old Republic, your task is to assault Herobrine's hideout and kill him.

There are many descisions to make in this game so there are many different endings, some good, some bad and some epic. Either way the quest is up to you commander.

Are you ready for the task?

I created this game using TyranoBuilder along with Mine-imator. I'm still new at making web games as well. This takes place in the Realm of Glory, a server that I run. The areas you see are in the Realm of Glory and hopefully I can share more of this amazing large world with you in a Adventure form.

If you are interested into joining the server you can with this ip address

Realm of Glory FB Page https://www.facebook.com/therealmofglory/
Realm of Glory Website
Like my games and want to see more? Follow me https://akillez.newgrounds.com/ and become a fan.

I am just getting started in making games for the web. This is a hobby and I hope to get better with every release. Thank you for playing.


Realm of Glory Server New World

2017-10-16 18:22:11 by Akillez

The Realm of Glory has changed into a new world supporting the 1.12.2. features. It is a brand spanking new world full of glory and conquests. Fear not for we do have plans to revisit the Old World from time to time. But for now we have all moved to the New World! 
*NOTE:IP address has changed.*

Carve your destiny in the New World. Will you be remembered in the Halls of Glory?

The Realm of Glory is a Vanilla Survival Server.

Be more up to date on the Realm of Glory by joining the FB page. https://www.facebook.com/therealmofglory/


GAME UPDATE 9/11/2017

2017-09-12 02:56:09 by Akillez

Progress is going well in the final boss battle. I am also adding alot of options on how the game could end for you guys. Fighting Herobrine will definitely be entertaining to play through multiple times to see the various endings. Some are funny, sad and glorious. 


Game UPDATE 8/29/17

2017-08-30 00:02:34 by Akillez

Some images of the game I am working on. I am extremely excited to work with the various musicians that are contributing to this game. You all will recieve credit for this game and your tracks will be tagged for all of NG to see. These are just a few screenshots of the game. Don't wanna give away too much info especially the horrific consequences since every decision matters in the end when you battle HEROBRINE!



2017-08-29 02:01:36 by Akillez

REALM OF GLORY GAME COMING SOON! Point and click Visual novel game where YOU make all the decisions. The game will have SO MANY ENDINGS and it takes place in the REALM OF GLORY SERVER!


FREE vanilla server to play with your friends on. ALL ARE WELCOME. Join the Realm of Glory Now!
Server Address

Making a new Game

2017-08-21 02:43:44 by Akillez

So after a long break i've decided to beign working on a new point and click adventure novel game. It will be using images i've made  from the mine-imator software from localized places from the Server I own, "The Realm of Glory". You will be a commander leading an assault to kill Herobrine once and for all. Like ROC COMMANDER you will be making tactical descisions that will impact the way the story plays out.  STAY TUNED.

FREE vanilla server to play with your friends on. ALL ARE WELCOME. Join the Realm of Glory Now!
Server Address


Minecraft Comic

2017-08-13 13:51:37 by Akillez

So i have a Minecraft comic idea using my server as a backdrop.  This server has been up for years and has had  its slots fluctuated due to the demand of the players. But overall im proud of this server and this world Im about to introduce everyone to.

Feel free to play on the server. The new spawn point NEW EDEN is several days journey SOUTH EAST of the Realm of Glory. Or you can try to use a nether portal. 


FREE vanilla server to play with your friends on. ALL ARE WELCOME. Join the Realm of Glory Now!
Server Address

Launched Patreon for Support for ROC Games

2016-10-21 17:03:28 by Akillez

I just wanna share with you the link to my patreon that will help support future ROC games. I want to aim for higher quality ROC COMMANDER games for people to enjoy.  By supporting me you will see more higher quality ROC games released.


Support here https://www.patreon.com/user?u=482154

Pledge $1 or more per ROC GAME

You will receive exclusive updates on games via patreon. Including art, music and overall behind the scenes in creation of the games.

Pledge $5 or more per ROC GAME

You will have a character of your choice in the next game. It will have to be an original character not from an other game or movie.

Pledge $10 or more per ROC GAME

You will receive one free request of commission art by me! A personal thank you of becoming an outstanding supporter.


2016-10-13 03:34:14 by Akillez

   So i've been really looking into the scenario for ROC COMMANDER 2. The story will continue and it will follow the Gold Dragons in another series of battles. The next battle is going to be a beach assault along with a seige. I'm debating if the beach assault should be one game and the seige be another. 

   All I know for certain is that the series of battles will be fought in a more tropical enviornment against a different foe. The transitions will be instant and the game will be longer with a more fullfiling ending. 

Parts of me were even debating putting all ROC games together into one super game so there is literally a campaign to play. But then again I don't know if i'm getting too ahead of myself.

If you haven't played ROC COMMANDER or don't know what it is play it now in the link provided. Check it out <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682427">ROC COMMANDER</a>

  I am greatly inspired by the reviews and I want to begin working on ROC COMMANDER 2. I am open for any suggestions but I am primarily looking for more collaborators to help me out so I can make ROC COMMANDER 2 longer, harder and even better. 

  I am looking for an artist and a musician to lighten the work load on me so I can make a better game. At the same time collaborators will be paid a percentage of the monetization and also a display and share of their work that might gain you more fans and such.


 Hit me up if you are interested.